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We are eligible for the Vaccine!

We just heard today from the British Dental Association and the General Dental Council, that we have been noticed, and that all Dentists and ancillary staff are classed as frontline workers, meaning we are a priority group to receive the vaccine! Hopefully in the next few weeks, we might receive  one of the two available. We should also hopefully be finally receiving Lateral flow antigen tests sometime around the middle of this month, so that all staff can be tested twice a week to ensure we are not asymptomatic carriers, making it even safer to attend. We will of course still all be wearing PPE, with frontline staff wearing respirators when facing patients, so that we filter air both ways, from you to us and vice versa, They filter out between 95 to 99.96% of all viral particles depending on which type of mask/respirator we are wearing, meaning that neither of use can pass on a viral load  that is anywhere near high enough to infect anyone, if any viral load at all. We have been wearing them since the end of June 2020, so you will be perfectly safe attending for any treatment you may require

Stay Safe

Simon Knights

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