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Mask Fit test

We had our fit test today and have successfully shown that the two mask styles we have, FFP2 and FFP3, fit well and create a good seal against Covid 19.These are the mask style you have seen on television in Covid 19 wards in intensive care. What this means is that we can successfully start treating people again using high speed handpieces where necessary. We still have to avoid using them when possible, and also use high volume suction to reduce any spray, and also use of rubber dam where possible, to isolate the teeth that are being treated. We will be starting to contact patients over the next few days to start booking people in to have treatment carried out, that has been delayed in many cases for weeks. We are trying to carry out as much as we can in each appointment, to try and avoid patients having to keep returning for appointments, and make maximum use of the masks. 


We are also now starting booking patients in for routine appointments, and our Hygienist Cindy is starting work on the 8th July, covering Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week. Please be patient, we are in the process of contacting everyone,bit by bit, as it takes a long time to give out all the necessary information about your visit as we book the appointments. Again, if you are having problems or pain, please ring in, so we can give advice, or book you in to be seen if necessary. 

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