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Open for a week

We have been open now for a week and are getting on quite well at the moment. We are getting used to the `new normal` but it is slower than it used to be. Please be aware we are doing our best but we won`t be able to see people as quickly as we used to. Cross infection measures have been increased to meet guidelines and it is all taking us a lot longer and we are still finding our feet. We are booking patients in now who had open courses of treatment. We are carrying out fresh examinations to see if anything has changed, so we can book people in for appropriate appointments.We are also very soon going to start booking people in for routine examinations. Please be patient. There is a long list to work through. Karen and I are having a mask fit test on Thursday, so hopefully, some or all of our masks will fit our faces, and we can then start carrying out fillings again. This is not guaranteed as everyones face is a different shape, but hopefully some will fit everyone.

The hygienist will hopefully be starting work from the 8th of July, with Cindy working Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We are working through the list and obviously she cannot see everyone in the first week! This will be handscaling ONLY to begin with to reduce the risk of aerosols, oral hygiene instruction and possible very slow speed polishing where necessary.

Keep safe

Simon Knights

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