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Reopen tomorrow

We are just finishing the final bits, ensuring everyone knows what we are doing and having a run through of procedures. Entry to the practice will have to be by appointment only, and we have started booking people in who have had problems. I am still awaiting fit testing and a good supply of masks, but I knew we wouldn`t be carrying out treatments in the first few weeks. We know have the air evacuation system up and running, making 18 + air changes an hour, rapidly diluting anything in the air and ejecting it, making the room very safe indeed. We have a Radic8 Viruskiller running at reception and I am in the process of fitting one in each surgery as well, just to make even more sure everyone will be as safe as we can make it. We will be seeing patients initially with times for cleaning inbetween, which means we can see less every day. As things progress, we will be able to hopefully see more patients a day as the risk falls, and we get better at judging how we work and how long we need, but initially we are giving ourselves lots of time so we can work and learn without pressure.


We are going to be contacting everyone, initially those with problems, but fairly soon we are going to be starting on routine examinations, especially for those who are not shielding or vulnerable, and routine treatments, but everyone will be brought in as the risk level falls and it is safe to do so. You will not be forgotten! If you develop problems or need advice, please do ring in, and we can get you in if required. If you cannot get through on the practice number 01243 825888,as it seems permanently engaged, please ring the emergency phone 07593 975192, and let Jackie know what the problem is. We are looking forward to seeing you all again in our new environment, but please be patient, it is as strange and new to us, as it will be to you

Stay safe

Simon Knights

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