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What we have been doing

We are working hard to get ready to open as soon as we can. Initially as mentioned before, we will be limited in what we can do. Things will look different when you attend and the patient journey will be changed. Please see the previous news item.

Both surgeries have been stripped out to minimise anything on the surfaces, and removing soft furnishings, pictures etc.They have both been repainted to cover up all the marks, and locks checked and changed so we work with open windows to remove any possible virus. We are also having air evacuation systems fitted to improve ventilation. I have attended over 40 hours of webinars to date in lockdown to keep skills up to date along with my staff, staff training is going to take place as soon as new protocols can be summarised and put in place, and I am attending a virtual zoom meeting to be trained in fit testing the specialist masks we require on Wednesday so I can ensure my staff and your absolute safety and reduce risk to everyone as far as we can, to keep you all safe. This will ensure the loss of my beard completely, as unfortunately beards and facial seals do not go together! As I said, everything, including me will be different. I look forward to seeing people again, but as mentioned, we have to give an opportunity first to those most in need, those who have had problems we know of to date. There will be initially a period of having Exams and placing temporaries to try and deal with the backlog of people, and then slowly resuming more normal service, including hygiene services, and fillings. These will be risk assessed of need against risk, and more phone conversations to try and ascertain need and problems before appointments. This does mean calls will be mainly outgoing and it may well be difficult to get through. The emergency on call phone will be available to ring if you have problems when we reopen and you cannot get through. Leave a message with name, contact details and details of your problem and we will check it when we are not working and get back to you. Please be patient, we are nearly there,

kind regards and keep safe

Simon Knights 

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