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Severe pain or swelling only new update

As of Yesterday, 2nd April 2020, Sarah Harley, the Chief Dental Officer has told us, that we must avoid all face to face contacts with patients. This is to avoid onward transmission of infections. We are still, at time of writing, awaiting local Dental Urgent care centres to be set up. The idea is that dentists will man these, and provide urgent treatment to relieve pain. They are being trained to wear FFP3 masks that filter out over 95% of viral particles and must be fit tested to ensure a perfect seal.This is taking more time than anticipated and these masks are in short supply. I will pass on details of these as soon as I can, and I will still have to triage patients and refer them on. They will not be able to treat people for routine dentistry, nor will they be there to treat lost fillings with symptomless teeth. Not ideal but they would otherwise be overwhelmed with demand and wouldn`t be able to see people with extreme pain or trauma cases, or fractured teeth with exposed nerves.I will still be providing emergency cover and advice for all practice patients over this period. If you have severe pain or swelling,or need urgent advice on a dental matter, please ring 07551-182937, and you will speak directly to me. I cannot change appointments or similar matters as I will not be at work.Only if absolutely necessary in extreme circumstances,and only until these centres are set up,will I arrange to meet you at the practice and treat you as appropriately as I can. I cannot carry out any procedure that generates an aerosol, so all normal fillings are not possible.I am only allowed to provide Advice, antibiotics  for swelling and analgesics. No antibiotic can help with coronavirus, they do not affect viruses in the slightest. If you have a new persistent cough or temperature, or sudden loss of taste and smell, I cannot see you as you may have Covid 19, caused by the coronavirus. If I catch it, I will have to self isolate for 14 days or even go to hospital and I cannot take that chance, as I would no longer be able to look after you, my patients, in any way. I have to avoid face to face contact as much as possible to reduce risk, so please understand the situation this places me in. I will be available on 07551-182937 between 9am and 5pm every day. There will be periods during the day when I will be unavailable, please wait 30 minutes and ring again, I will answer when I am free. If you are in severe pain or have swelling, and suspect you may have Covid 19 and need help, please see my previous news item, dated 22/3/2020,and ring the Surrey and Sussex Emergency team. They have the equipment to safely treat you. All contact details are in that news item.When I get details of the new Local urgent dental care centres, I will let you know and what protocols I will have to follow.

Please keep safe and do not worry. I am here to help you at this time as much as I can.

keep well

Simon Knights 

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