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Dementia Friends

In July 2015, all the practice staff underwent training in Dementia awareness. This was provided by Denplan's in Practice training with the aim of letting all the staff know what Dementia is, how it may affect our patients and their ability in getting treatment. It made us aware of what problems we may encounter and why, and what we can do to help. At the end of the session, we had a photo taken to show we are 'Dementia friends' to display on our website, and to show patients and the public that we have a greater understanding of our patients needs. To this end, I have included the highlights of what we have learnt, to reach a wider audience and hopefully help other people have an understanding of this condition.

Alzheimer’s Society – May 2015

Dementia is the umbrella term for a number of forms of brain diseases , there are 4 main types.

• Alzheimer’s disease – the most common affecting half a million people in the UK. Caused by two proteins, amyloidand tau, which build up and damage nerve cells

• Vascular dementia – the second most common -is caused by blood flow to the brain being reduced. Blood carries essential oxygen and nourishment to the brain and without it brain cells die

• Dementia with Lewybodies (DLB) - small, round lumps of proteins build up in the grey matter

• Frontotemporaldementia (FTD) - The brain shrinks in the frontal and temporal lobes. There is also a build-up of specific proteins which cause brain cells to die

Typical signs of Alzheimer’s Disease include...

Early signs

As it progresses:

The other forms of Dementia, vary in individual symptoms and intensity and rate of progression but are otherwise reasonably similar.It is not our intention to give in depth knowledge on these conditions but a broader, general sweep.

The five key things you should know about dementia

Patients with dementia and their oral health – what are the difficulties?

There are three links below. The first is a link to the Alzheimers society website where it gives far more in depth information on Dementia, dental treatment and oral health.

This second link is for a you tube clip called 'Barbara at the dentist' . It is well worth watching and is a very moving clip about Barbara, a dementia sufferer, and how a routine visit to the dentist is anything but routine for her, and all the problems she faces that most of us are totally unaware of.

The final website is for the British Society for Disability and Oral Health and is intended for patients and carers, to provide information and for support.

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